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~ Word from the Artist ~

"Massive Thankyou to everyone that showed up and supported my solo @knapstore on Friday night! Seriously feeling the love 💕 💕💕 I’m only half of the art the other half is sharing and letting my work go to be explored and interpreted by you guys 🌟

Thankyou to @knapstore For such an incredible space, @numac_constructions For the hanging expertise, @lepetitmarche_australia@balterbrewers @tombucha2107 For epic drinks and nibbles , @florita_____ for epic flowers, my bro @pwhatify For driving me everywhere when my car broke down a week before the show and of course my love @balancedstudio supporting my dream to be an artist haha also helping with hanging / feeding me / emotional support / bar staff duties! The list goes on this man is a unit"

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