the studio

Our beautiful studio is located in Avalon beach, on Sydney’s northern beaches The facility has plenty of room to move, play, crawl, dance, stretch and express! At balanced, floor space is key. In order to open, build awareness, rehabilitate or strengthen the body, we need to be able to move freely and confidently on the floor without the use of unnecessary equipment that does all of the work for you. We do use essential equipment to aid in this process such as hanging bars, free weights, swiss-balls and balancing apparatus to further stimulate the body.

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“I ‘crashed’ into Balanced Studio some 5 years ago suffering from stress and a host of other health issues.  Since then, through both private and class sessions, Nic Laidlaw has both addressed these problems and has helped me grow into a better way of living.  He is open and ever-evolving, with fresh ideas that he has explored and tested personally.  His awareness of the environmental and its impact on us, and vice versa, is reflected in his work and sessions are in tune with the natural world.  The wide range of age groups and individuals that attend and enjoy his sessions are testament to his inclusivity and ability.  He has built a strong, holistic and energetic community that supports one another.   All done with a patience, at my speed and with a smile!  Thank you Nic, I think you’re ACE!”

– Lizzie Collis, happy client since 2010