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Sit back and enjoy the rejuvenating process of the Infrared Sauna as your body begins to soften and detoxify. 

The heat that is radiated from an infrared sauna warms you from the inside-out, penetrating deeply into your joints, muscles and tissues which increases oxygen flow and circulation throughout your body. 

This warming effect on your body stimulates your cardiovascular system, your immune system and your lymphatic system. One of the biggest health benefits to having regular sauna treatment is its ability to increase the bodies circulation of blood as well as stimulating the sweat glands, which helps to release built-up toxins in the body.


Exposing ourselves to ice cold water is a practice that has been around for hundreds of years. Whether you are an athlete in training, a busy parent or just looking to increase your ability to handle the many stresses life throws at us. Regular ice baths can benefit you. 


Contrast therapy 

Contrast therapy is the combination of exposure to both heat and cold to create specific physiological responses within the body. Cultures around the world have been exposing themselves to extreme heat & cold for centuries because it really does work! 

Temperature is meant to be experienced. With climate-controlled homes, air-conditioned cars, and air regulated office buildings, we have become used to sitting within a very narrow range of temperatures on a day to day basis. 

As a result, the body becomes ill equipped to deal with the much wider range of temperatures that we experience out in nature. Whether it's swimming in the middle of winter or being able to handle the extreme heat that summer brings. 

The more we can increase our exposure to both the heat and cold, the more adaptable and robust both our autonomic and immune systems will become.

Physical recovery 

An ice bath can change the way in which blood flows through your body. When you enter the cold your blood vessels constrict and then open back up when your body warms up after the ice bath. This process assists in flushing metabolic waste from your body, while also providing oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. There have been several scientific studies conducted showing that ice baths lower inflammation after intense physical exercise. 

When it comes to our health and particularly exercise, we often neglect the importance of recovery. 


Stimulating our parasympathetic nervous system 

Exposing your body to cold conditions on a regular basis can make you more resilient to stress. As your body adjusts to the cold, the vagus nerve is stimulated, which is connected to many important organs by means of the parasympathetic nervous system. The resulting increase in parasympathetic activity has positive effects on all kinds of conditions such as anxiety, depression, and gut problems.


Other benefits from ice bath treatment include:


  • Increased energy levels

  • Boosting of immune system 

  • Natural anti-inflammatory

  • Improved sleeping patterns

  • Increased performance and recovery


Can I bring a friend?

Yes! You are welcome to share the space with a partner or friend providing they have completed at least one “Intro Zone Session” with one of our practitioners. This will ensure that you get the most out of your time in the Heal Zone and that everyone is aware of how to conduct themselves within the zone. 


What is an infrared sauna?

The heat that is radiated from an infrared sauna warms you from the inside-out, penetrating deeply into your joints, muscles and tissues which increases oxygen flow and circulation throughout your body. This differs from a traditional sauna or steam room that is heats the air with hot rocks and as a result heat your body from the outside in. 


How hot does it get? 

Our sauna sits between 50-65 Degrees.


Is it private? 

The Heal Zone is exclusively yours for the duration of your session. 


Do you have a shower? 

Yes! We recommend showering before, during and after your session.